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About Just Crafty
Just Crafty Vicky Johnson and Mandy Moore

Founders of Just Crafty Mandy Moore and Vicky Johnson

The concept of Just Crafty was inspired by the love of ‘messy play’ our children Alfie and Isabelle have. Through their love of painting, sticking and creating the concept of Just Crafty was born and developed by Mandy and Vicky.

Mandy and Vicky were introduced to each other by their children Alfie and Isabelle who were firm friends at the pre-school they attended, after a few play dates at the park after pre-school, they realised how much they had in common. Both Isabelle and Alfie enjoyed making, creating and bringing home their ‘masterpieces’ from pre-school.

Mandy and Vicky decided it would be a great idea to do arts and craft activities at home with Isabelle and Alfie but after looking into activities they could do at home they found that most of the time was spent preparing the activity and cleaning up afterwards. Even the most simplest of activities could take hours (sometimes days to get all of the glitter out of the carpet). 

The real founders of Just Crafty, Isabelle and Alfie.

The real founders of Just Crafty. Isabelle and Alfie.

They did find that both Isabelle and Alfie loved the activities and Mandy and Vicky enjoyed the time spent on the activity and the time bonding with their children during the activity. They could see as they did more and more creative activities the children responded by coming up with more inventive ideas. To see the creative personalities coming out was incredibly rewarding and they knew these activities were the right thing for their children but the time spent finding an activity, purchasing the right equipment, setting it up and CLEANING it up detracted from the time spent actually doing the activity.

So they decided to look into arts and craft clubs in the area, after extensive research on different pre-school kids clubs in and around Poole and Bournemouth they found a lack of craft clubs providing the right kind of activities they wanted to do.

Their check list was simple, they wanted a club that was in a safe and encouraging environment, had regular dates and times with different activities, allowed them time to concentrate on the activity without the worry of the mess and was local to them. Not too much to ask you would have thought…

Although they found a wide range of pre-school clubs nothing seemed to fit the criteria, which is when, after a few coffees and even an old glass of wine or two the ‘Just Crafty’ concept was born….

Alfie’s Right handprint

Isabelle's Left handprint

Isabelle’s Left handprint



Even the company logo we created came from ‘messy play activities’ at home



Mandy and Vicky have started running a few local kids clubs and have found a format that fits well to a regular structure. They found the children respond really well to the ‘magic box’ at the beginning of each session and a ‘goodbye’ song which the children now know and love, to end each session. It’s this kind of familiar structure that the children find comfortable and after only a few sessions know and expect.

As Just Crafty Kids Club is a fun recreational pre-school group it is not bound by the Department of Education and the statutory framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage. However we have found we agree with this framework wholeheartedly and build our classes and activities around the principals it lays out.


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‘Creativity is an area in which young people have a tremendous advantage,

since they have an endearing habit of always questioning past wisdom and authority’

Bill Hewlett