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Sand Art

What is Sand Art?



Just Crafty is an Independant Consultant for Kids Be Happy. If you are interested in joining our team and owning your Sand Art business please read more for more information or contact us to discuss your opportunity.


Sand Art is great activity for children of ages. It generates very little mess and we use trays to catch the mess it does create. It is very popular with fetes and fairs and we offen suggest it for events like weddings because it doesn’t get the childrens clothes covered in paint or mess. The child gets to take their picture home as a memento of the day. We will also place a sticker on the back reminding them of the event and date as a little reminder of the day.

How does it work?

This is our step by step guide to how to Sand Art.

You can also view a video of this process on our YouTube Channel as well as a gallery to show some of the pictures of available.


Olaf yellow board sand art Just Crafty kids poole BournemouthWe have a wide range of pictures to choose from for both boys and girls.

Once the child has chosen their picture it is laid flat on a table.

View the bottom of this page for an idea of the section of pictures we have available.

All pictures rely on availablity 




Just Crafty Kids Poole Bournemouth Peeling Picture Sand Art


A picker is used to peel a section of the picture off. Removing the paper completely.





Just Crafty Pouring Sand Art Poole Bournemouth Kids


The peeled section is covered in coloured sand and completely covering the revealed piece by brushing the sand over the area.





Sand art tipping Just Crafty kids poole bournemouth 2


Once your happy you have completely covered the section tip the excess of the sand off the picture into the tray.






Complete dot just crafty kids sand art poole bounremouth


This reveals the peeled area with the coloured sand stuck to it.


This process is repeated until the picture is completely covered.




Olaf finished picture Sand Art Just crafty kids Poole Bournemouth


Once the picture is completed it is placed into a clear bag to protect the artwork (and your carpet) and leave the child with a keepsake.





If you would like to see Sand Art in action visit our YouTube Channel to watch Vicky and her daughter Isabelle going through this process and make the picture of Olaf (above).

If you are interested in a Sand Art party we offer two Sand Art party packages for parties and events:


Green Paint splat just crafty kids partiesJust Crafty Sand Party – Option One

This is an ideal option if you were looking for something different to run alongside your party. Each child will make a A4 sand art picture. They are bright and colourful and an alternative to a party bag.Party star


Yellow Paint splat Just Crafty kids partyJust Crafty Sand Party – Option Two

This is a brilliant option if you were thinking of having a party at home. The children get to choose two A4 sand art pictures to make from a wide choice of designs. As with Sand Art option one taking a colourful individual sand art picture home is a great alternative (or addition) to a party bag.


For prices and availability please Contact Us for more details.

Examples of some of the pictures available.

Just Crafty sand art Robot 1Just Crafty Dog Sand ArtSand Art Just Crafty OwlDinosaur Just Crafty Sand ArtJust Crafty Easter Egg sand artJust Crafty sand art parties Butterfly 2Just Crafty parties Sand art Bears on a swing Just Crafty sand art Carsel Horse Just Crafty sand art Helter SkelterMermaid Train Just Crafty JCB sand art
Just Crafty sand art parties Bumper Bunnies Just Crafty sand art parties Bunnies on a swing Just Crafty sand art parties Candy Floss Bear

Just Crafty parties Racing car












Disney Sand Art

Minnie Easter 1 Mickey Easter 1 Just Crafty sand art disney Jasmine 1 Just Crafty sand art disney Cinerella 1 Just Crafty Sand Art Disney Belle Beauty Tips 1
Minnie with a heart 1 Snow WhiteJust Crafty Frozen Olaf 1 Sand art
Just Crafty Frozen sand art

Rapunzel 1





Snow white easter 1







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