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Kids Be Happy Sand Art

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Just Crafty are Independant Consultants for Kids Be Happy.


Starting your own business with Kids Bee Happy Direct Sales is simple and doesn’t require any previous experiences or training. You set your startup investment, and the hours you want to work, and we provide the mentoring, the training and the support.  

Your Business – Your Way

Kids Bee Happy is the Direct Sales Company with a difference that provides an opportunity for you to earn extra income part time, or build a full time business, with fabulous Sand Art products that you, your family, and your customers will really enjoy.  Registering is simple and free, you even choose your  own start up sum.  

With Kids Bee Happy you really do have a  business, you purchase your products at wholesale prices and sell your products at sales prices set by you, to fit in with your area and your customers.  Buy, giving you the opportunity to earn real Profits, instead of limited sales commissions, and direct into your hand. 

With FREE support and mentoring, it really does means that this is a business opportunity really which is unique, limitless, affordable and fun.

Recruit – or Don’t Recruit – It’s up to You

Recruitment is always a biggy for Direct Sales.  Some people love it, and relish at the opportunity to recruit and grow their teams, whilst other people would rather quietly say “No Thanks” and concentrate on hands on side of their business.  So, as an Independent Consultant at Kids Bee Happy the option of whether or not to recruit is up to you. The Kids Bee Happy Team Builder Plan has been created to reward people who want to grow their businesses by growing their teams. If you wish, you can recruit team members, and you can earn Team Builder Bonus based on the Team’s Sales as a reward for your efforts in developing, coaching and managing your team.   And because your Team Members are also buying their products at wholesale prices it really opens up your possibilities for recruitment.  Businesses, Charities, Schools, Nurseries, Fundraising Groups – can you think of any near you that you can introduce to Sand Art?

However, if you don’t want to recruit – if you just want to enjoy running your business providing Sand Art entertainment and workshops, and selling Sand Art products, then that is absolutely fine too. We don’t put pressure on you to recruit, and you still have all the benefit of our team structure, mentoring and support to help you grow.

A Truly Family Friendly Business

Most Direct Sales opportunities say that they are flexible and work around your family, but with Kids Bee Happy Sand Art it really is so much more – Your children and family will love Sand Art just as much as you do, and your children will probably become your best salespeople as you share their passion and enjoyment of the product. 

It’s precisely because your customers will be parents, families, groups and clubs all revolving around children, you really can take your children to work with you, and as your children play and enjoy Sand Art you customers will see just how simple and wonderful it really is.   Sand Art is a very intuitive product. It works exactly the way you think it should, and sells to exactly the people you think will want it, and that’s what makes it such a great product for Direct Sales.

I bet that even now, in just a minute or two, you could think of dozens of places you could sell Sand Art – the School Summer Fayres, The Church Coffee Mornings, Fun days and Galas, Local village events, Christmas Fayres, The Rainbows and the Brownies, Afterschool clubs, Inviting Children and their parents round for tea, Birthday Parties, and many more……  Whatever your background, Kids Bee Happy is a business opportunity that you can jump straight into, without fear, and with lots fun.

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“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure” 

Colin Powell